Whole Fig Extra jam, 12.34 oz

55% de fruits.

4,70 €
Available in 330g, 250g and 110g :


In this jam, the fruit is put into cooking around to meet the Corsican traditional recipes. Extra jam of Corsica Charles Antona Fig Whole will appeal to gourmets with its whole pieces, offering an exquisite flavor and creamy on the palate. This jam can be enjoyed on a four quarts accompanied by a tea (or coffee) for a gourmet break.

Made with 55g of fruit per 100g. Total sugar content: 62 g per 100 g. Ingredients: figs, 40% cane sugar, glucose syrup, lemon juice, gelling agent: fruit pectin, acidifying agent: citric acid. Manufactured in a factory using hulls milk and fruit. Keep refrigerated after opening.

Gross weight 19.05 oz

 Nutrition facts per 100g  
 Energy 1102 kJ / 259 kcal
 Total Fat 0,2 g
saturated   0 g


64,1 g
sugars   63,8 g
 Protein 0,4 g
 Salt 0,21 g