Myrtle Jelly, 11.94 oz

Corsican Jelly
Gelée de Corse Charles Antona Myrte 340g

4,70 €
Available in 320g, 240g and 110g :


Myrtle is an iconic wild berry Corsican flora. It was used in antiquity as a condiment such a pepper. Indeed its spicy flavor is used to flavour dishes. In Jam its fragrance is similar to rosemary. You will enjoy Myrtle Jelly Charles Antona on pancakes chestnut flour or simply on a slice of buttered bread for a gourmet breakfast. As summer dessert idea, we advise you to enjoy it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Prepared with 50 g of fruits for 100g. Total sugar content: 62g for 100g.

Ingredients: myrtle juice, cane sugar 39%, glucose syrup, gelling agent: fruit pectin, lemon juice, acidifier: citric acid. Manufactured in a factory using nuts and milk. Keep refrigerated after opening. Best before end: see on the top.

Gross weight 19.05 oz

 Nutrition facts per 100g  
 Energy 1089 kJ / 256 kcal
 Total Fat 0,1 g
saturated   0 g
 Carbohydrate 63,4 g
sugars   58,9 g
 Protein 0,4 g
 Salt 0,02 g