Fig Extra Jam, 8.82 oz

55% Fruits
Confiture Extra de Corse Charles Antona Figue 250g

3,70 €

Typical Mediterranean fruit, fig is loved by all gourmets for its naturally sweet and fruity taste. Fig Jam goes wonderfully with salty flavours such as goat cheese or with fater liver pate. For the true gourmands, it's to be eaten with a spoon or on a slice of pound cake!

Prepared with 55 g of fruits for 100 g. Total sugar content: 62 g for 100 g.

Ingredients: figs, cane sugar 40%, glucose syrup, lemon juice, gelling agent: fruit pectin. Manufactured in a factory using nuts and milk. Keep refrigerated after opening. Best before end: see on the top. Tastes great with goat cheese.

Gross weight 7.23 oz

 Nutrition facts per 100g  
 Energy 1066 kJ / 251 kcal
 Total Fat 0,1 g
saturated   0 g
 Carbohydrate 61,7 g
sugars   55,4 g
 Protein 0,7 g
 Salt 0,02 g