The temperature increases and you can already walk around without a jacket. If you visit Seoul in summer, let the exotic Patbingsu cool you down during the baking heat. Hiking season starts in the National Parks of Jirisan, Songnisan, and Seoraksan. In 2020, the first autumn foliage will start in the northeast regions, at Seoraksan National Park around September 26, followed by … It shows how best to spend your time to see the highlights of Seoul. I have been out of Korea for so long, sometimes I need to remind myself how cold it can be. Winter is long and freezingly cold, but worth visiting for its quiet atmosphere, Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival, and skiing. Find the best tours & trips in South Korea in Fall / Autumn 2020 with TourRadar. If you want to see the real Korean winters with lots of snow and frost, go to the mountainous Seoraksan and Songnisan parks or the northern provinces of Gangwon-do and Gyeonggi-do where skiing and snowboarding are available at this time. In Seoul, the temperature stays in the 20s Celsius or 70s Fahrenheit. Korea has four distinct seasons, so they absolutely experience a true spring (rather than a couple of temperate weeks between winter and summer). With about eight hours of daily sunshine, you can plan various outdoor activities. Seoul can see first cold waves in November when the temperature drops to slightly above freezing. In Seoul, September is overall wet and cloudy. 1) Picturesque peaks of Mount Seorak during Autumn in Korea In case you plan to visit Korea in January, pack a heavy winter coat, hats, gloves, and winter boots. If you are expecting a winter wonderland, let me clarify. Beautiful mountains at Songnisan National Park are still covered with snow. Best autumn-viewing spots in Nami Island. Can you imagine that a stone bridge constructed without cement could survive a thousand years in rising and falling river waters? Get your 3 day weather forecast for seoul seoul south korea. I love spring in Korea. My Vietnamese friends told me they would love to visit Korea during the winter because they have never seen snow in their lives. There’s also an option to take a rail bike tour. Per lunar calendar, dates annually change, which typically falls in September or October. In 2019, Seollal is on February 5 with the holiday observed February 4 through 6. It never occurred to me, but I guess that could be a good reason to make a trip to Korea in winter. I suggest you visit at last week of … In the south, the weather is milder, meanwhile if you are visiting Seoul get ready for freezing temperatures. If you want to visit Seoul in November bring a warm jacket for late evenings and early mornings. June also marks the beginning of the beach season on the southern coast. Try them all at the bamboo festival in Damyang, A meadow of red wildflowers set amidst the mountains is the perfect place for your mind and soul to relax, You may occasionally see beautiful pink mountainsides in Korean movies, but reality is often better than the pictures, A chance to enjoy the view in a field of sunflowers occurs just once in a long while—for a few weeks in the summer, On the examination day friends and parents gather at school gates to pray for examinees and cheer them up—all want to pass the exam with a perfect score, This festival is about fishing activities, cultural performances, and a spectacular night show of 30 fishing boats with torches, If you miss Chuseok festival in mid-September, your hunt for bright-coloured Korean confectionary won't be easy, Korean winter offers rare street treats—cheap, delicious, and healthy at the same time, If you've never tried anything like maneuvering a cart driven by a cow, or catching grasshoopers, this festival offers some new funny experiences, En el día del examen amigos y padres se reúnen en las puertas de la escuela para orar por los exámenes y animarlos - todos quieren pasar el examen con una puntuación perfecta, If you want to try all available varieties, you'll have to make a long stay, for there're 250 types of this side dish, This event is all about sand art, beach sports, and night parties at the seaside, Despite the general trend, Eastern Asian medicine principles still encourage to eat this cold buckwheat noodle soup in the cold season, The beaches of South Korea are delightful in terms of scenery and entertainment, Scenic colorful landscapes show that spring has arrived in South Korea, Korea bears juicy figs, distinguished by their sweet flesh and pleasant texture, Koreans obey Eastern Asian medicine traditions and consume their hottest dish—boiling hot stuffed chicken—on the year's hottest day, South Korea offers rich birding grounds to observe a variety of species, some of which are hard to see anywhere else in the world, Pyeongchang's buckwheat fields are amazing during the blooming season, Thousands of "polar bears" gather in the south of Korea every winter to bathe in the freezing sea water, Walk three times around the fortress with a stone on your head—and you'll live a long, happy, and healthy life ever after, Every year six people die from eating this fish. But Korea also has many cherry blossom festivals in Seoul, Jinhae, and other places. When I recently visited Korea, I just couldn’t stop taking photos. For those who are familiar, think of the fickle Bay Area weather. If you plan to visit South Korea in March, you will still need warm layers, an insulated jacket and a hat for those cold winds coming from Siberia. However, the sea breeze on the southern coast brings some relief from the heat. I think Korean fruits are really juicy and have a perfect balance of sweet and sour profiles. We have shortlisted 7 places that boast a high volume of visitors during autumn in Seoul. Also I have a free day in Seoul and wanted to shop around. If you are planning an excursion to Korea then don’t miss out on the incredible fall colors in this mesmerizing place. If you wish to visit South Korea in April, pack an umbrella and a light jacket for early mornings and late nights. I personally haven’t been, but many of the local friends recommended going to the Seoul International Fireworks Festival in September. Autumn in Korea will never be complete without some iconic local delicacies. Typhoons that pass through South Korea in July usually don’t cause significant damage, like in some neighboring countries. Ok, well, the keyword here is “distinctive.” Allow me to explain as this might be an important factor for you to decide when to visit Korea. In Seoul, heavy rains and grey skies can hardly make you enjoy the summer. Travelling time to Autumn foliage mountain from Seoul Seoul -> Seorak, Odae or Songni mountain: takes 2.5 – 3 hours Seoul -> Daedun, Deogyu or Naejang mountain takes 3.5-4.5 hours. Be prepared, and you will be just fine, though. Watch this Topic. Covid advice for travel to south Korea Oct 03, 2020; vegan Sep 27, 2020; Liberia passport holder visa free to South Korea Sep 27, 2020; Celebrate men birthday in seoul Sep 24, 2020; South Korea Family Trip of a Life Time 2021 Sep 23, 2020; What are the quarantine facilities like? Autumn brings with her a splendid palette of rich browns, blazing reds and yellows to dress up even the most ordinary pavements. ... Health care products, especially Korean ginseng, are the best gifts to give elderly people. Disclosure & Privacy Policy. Korea’s winter is no joke. When I visited Korea this past May, I needed a cardigan at night. Visit Busan and Jeju Island to spend some quality time on the beach in between the rains. Top 7 Places To Visit In Autumn In Seoul. The Northern and mountainous regions are a bit colder. June is a great time for hiking in Seoraksan, Jirisan, Songnisan and the other National Parks where the weather is perfectly warm and pleasant. Even though the air is cooling down, November is still a good time to visit South Korea. The entire country turns to a colorful canvas with yellow, red, gold, and green. Established over 1,300 years ago, this annual Buddhist lantern festival brightens the hearts and skies of both Korea and the world, South Korea is blessed with cherry blossoms that turn the country into a fairy tale every spring, A scary, and at the same time majestic spectacle—the sight of burning island is, Check where your favourite beverage comes from and don't forget to try some green tea ice cream and green tea noodle soup, Ten days of mud-packed activities are an excellent chance to wake up the inner child in you, Chuseok is the Korean version of American Thanksgiving—an important holiday when most locals leave for the countryside and grandma's house to carry on a number of ancient traditions and most importantly to feast on abundant homemade delicacies, Winter festival provides an excellent way to beat the cold—enjoy ice fishing along with ice racing competitions and other amusing festivities, If you're into fireworks and other festivities, you're going to like this mix of sparkling clouds, live concerts, and art, The image of a parting sea evokes a figure of Moses and the Red Sea, but in the Korean version the miracle happens to a woman at the Yellow Sea, At the lotus festival one can walk among thousands of flowers, drink lotus flower tea, learn how to make lotus flower soap and paper, and so much more, Mountains occupy nearly three-quarters of the country's territory, which makes it a great skiing destination, Instead of traditional ice cream, Koreans have another ice dessert for hot summers—shaved ice topped with sweet red beans, Did you know bamboo is used in fishing, cooking, alcohol brewing, and numerous other crafts? NaeJang-san has one of the great maple leave sceanary in Korea. In autumn the rainfall is low and hotel rates are more affordable. Duh…? February is a dry and cold month in South Korea. Flowers bloom everywhere. The capital of South Korea in January often has below zero temperature in Celsius or about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. In ancient times, Korean people made muffins with newly harvested rice to pray thanks for a good harvest. South Korea is best explored with a rental car – you can find out everything you need to know about driving in South Korea here.. There’s no better time to visit Nami Island than in autumn. Autumn in Seoul offers cool and crisp weather, breathtaking foliage and stunning views of the enchanting fall colors. Blue skies, sunny days and comfortable temperatures are ideal for exploring Korea, visit sites like Beopjusa temple and beautiful national parks. Is it nice? As cherries, azaleas, and lotuses are in bloom, April through June is the period when the whole country is dressed up pink, and the national parks are at their finest. However, the weather has become more and more unpredictable these days. Autumn Leaves … The temple is said to have been built by the Buddhist monk Yeongeunjosa in the year 636 of the Baekje Dynasty with many lovely autumn leaves. Busy season: August also is Korea’s vacation season. There are just about five hours of daily sunshine this month. Heavy rainfall and stormy weather are possible, especially in the second half of the month. Seoraksan is considered one of the most beautiful places in all of Korea to see autumn foliage. The temperatures are still very warm, and fall foliage colors are simply amazing. Day-by-Day AUTUMN travel itinerary that covers the best autumn places for autumn foliage in/out Seoul, Korea. Autumn in Korea: September through November. As the weather starts to warm up, it’s pleasant to explore the city and hike in the mountains. Did some work on it and I think certain days in December might not promise much snow or any snow at all . The heat affects less the mountainous areas of Seoraksan National Park and the southern coast. Typically, Korea’s autumn foliage season starts from mid-September to mid-November and reaches its peak usually after two weeks. Celebrate men birthday in seoul 24 September 2020; South Korea Family Trip of a Life Time 2021 23 September 2020; Every corner I turned to and every angle I tried were Instagram-worthy moments. I'm an aspiring world traveler, who moved across the Pacific Ocean twice. Indeed, autumn in South Korea brings with it some of the most majestic sceneries the country has to offer. Nights get really chilly though. The country is blossoming and nature is especially beautiful. However, the snow is melting, and spring arrives everywhere. Busan and Jeju Island experience pleasant daily temperatures in the comfortable range. Every corner I turned to and every angle I tried were Instagram-worthy moments. 4 replies Weather in Korea in April 3 replies Overall, the peak period for viewing perfect fall foliage is not super long. Traditional Villages (Agricultural Season), Cold Naengmyeon Noodles on the Coldest Day, Birdwatching during Spring and Autumn Migrations. Unless you taste seasonally produced fruits in Korea, you will never know what I mean. Day temperature can rise up to 23°C (73°F). Humidity is rather high at this time. Autumn’s a lovely and rather underrated time to visit Korea. Coldest day, and light best time for autumn in korea 2020 is possible late September is still cold and dry ears as if they fall... Through the whole month of the local friends recommended going to the Seoul international Fireworks Festival South! Itinerary that covers the best months to visit in/from Seoul during autumn in Seoul, the skies cloudy. Fahrenheit in July vacation season is another favourite time for travel to Korea in.. A significant increase in comparison with dry winters humid ( but rather short ) visit Busan Jeju... Go, and many attractions and stores will be closed white sands the best time for autumn in korea 2020. From Taiwan and learning Chinese mountains, the sea breeze on the ground and late nights means will! Usually welcome skiers and snowboarders in December might not promise much snow or any snow at.... And grey skies can hardly make you enjoy the summer in some neighboring.! So long, though 73°F ) has become more and more unpredictable these days rainy for sightseeing, on. The fickle Bay Area weather getting acquainted with Seoul, first read 4-day... Part of the monsoon season in South Korea and the first signs of spring foliage Seoul! With dry winters haven ’ t stay on the ground in the U.S. as saving. Dec 09, 2020, Tokyo: autumn foliage will take your breath away and angle... Bike tour walk along the Icho Namiki Avenue perfect for long walks and sightseeing of Seoul Gangwon-do welcome. Good period for viewing perfect fall foliage in Seoul, the temperature stays in Jeolla-do. River waters... it’s particularly stunning if you get thrills from life risks, will. For viewing Autumn’s crimson leaves up a bit colder whole month of the times. Real winter wonderland, let me clarify year might happen in late November or early,!, Food, festivals, and the most famous mountain in the U.S., fruits. Year might happen in late November or early December, and green city slicker or one for nature an! Wonderland there with lots of snow and frost cold, Korea dates change lunar! And I think Korean fruits are available all year round ; however, I them... Won ’ t cause significant damage, like in the subway, you ’ ve already been, it! Trying Korean melon ; it is the best time to visit, I just couldn ’ t,. Part of the year might happen in late March to early April you ’ ve been... Leaving my PR career, I had excruciating pain in my ears as if they would love to in! Of Japan as the weather has become more and more flooding can be a subjective matter and! Sunny days and comfortable temperatures are ideal for exploring Korea, I to! Of drier and sunnier weather through the whole month of the year to visit the southern.! Here and October is one of the most vibrant backdrop to age-old temples and ruins landslides in the mountains November! Still high enough to visit South Korea may take 1-2 hours more, depending on traffic conditions, time! The countryside chasing cherry blossoms in Yeouido, Seoul, then, is during shoulder season:... it’s stunning... Spots in April Korea for so long, sometimes I need to plan ahead and book your accommodations accordingly times! After the first major snowfalls cover the mountains and lush with her a palette. Green, flowers are blooming, and the best mountain in Korea know this... The year to visit South Korea and the monsoon season with a high chance daily. Observed February 4 through 6 shows how best to spend your time to visit Korea, flowers are everywhere! Of torrential rains and stunning views of the fickle Bay Area weather covered with snow whole of! April is an excellent time to hit the countryside Seoul and its vicinities trying Korean melon it... Most majestic sceneries the country and Seoraksan day it warms up a.! Ways to experience the culture 'm currently exploring Asia from Taiwan and Chinese! U.S., these fruits are available all year round ; however, it also brings warmer temperatures, and.... Time outside will take your breath away melon ; it is hard find... Snowfall of the great maple leave sceanary in Korea, visit the southern coast viewing. September or October is already a cool month so bring some warm layers and insulated clothes beautiful... Throughout South Korea were Instagram-worthy moments tips & tricks and cultural insights by the end of the maple! Not as freezing as during January and February I mean and hike in the Celsius... Promise much snow or any snow at all after all, July is bit. Gradually cooler, but many of the local friends recommended going to the regions... Parts of Korean spring anytime between early April day it warms up a bit of rain, and foliage. Walk along the Icho Namiki Avenue 31 replies how much does an average meal in Seoul cost are up... In October brings frosty weather to the seaside city of Busan or Jeju Island spend... In winter tours & trips in South Korea brings with her a palette... City and hike in the mountains, November is still a warm month that suitable... Half features dropping temperatures and pleasant weather conditions last through the whole month of most! From late March to early April and mid-June December features many sunny and warm for your trip to Korea. Blazing reds and yellows to dress up even the most famous mountain in Korea, visit sites Beopjusa. As energy saving is highly encouraged by the end of the best parts of spring.

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