You ordered the printer and got it delivered before the update was even rolled out (even if only shortly before), yet expect Prusa to retroactively deliver to you an upgrade package absolutely free of charge. Did you get the new satin spring-steel sheet? 1. Our double-sided spring steel sheets introduced with the MK3 are one of the things that make living with a 3D printer so much easier. In fact, I don’t have to sand these prints. The BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos (Kit) is a classic RepRap PRUSA I3 … Love the new sheet and filament colours. The bed is off centre by a few mm so can’t use the maximum volume reliably and the MBL doesn’t accurately level my bed, filament in the back right corner is less squished compared to the centre and left sides. Assembling is quite easy! First print after automated calibration came out perfect (PLA), everything after came out perfect. A: No, the MMU2S is fully compatbile both with MK3S and MK3S+. I was considering purchasing the MMU2S for my MK3S for the free shipping here on black friday. Tech Specs. This sheet is manufactured in a similar way as the textured powder-coated sheets, however, it has a different surface finish resulting in better adhesion and the signature matte appearance. However, the 20% discount applies only for the smooth and powder-coated PEI spring steel sheets. There are tons of other brands that are cheaper but don’t print as well. This will be a short review. There are several opportunities for making mistakes, but if you actually read and follow the steps you will be fine. You can start printing right away, and this gives you a great head start! The printer can fully recover from the loss of power. Doing the assembly myself was a very satisfying way to learn about 3D printing. Everything from MK3S upgrade is already included in the MK3S+ upgrade. I guess have a different philosophy. It was founded by Josef Prusa, one of the core developers of the Open Source project RepRap, in 2012 as a one-man startup and grows to a 160+ team now. And the filament sensor never did, althought I orientated the magnet the right way during assembly. Only defective sheets on arrival are covered by warranty. We also have a new type of print sheet, the Black Friday deals are nearly here and that’s still not all. You don't have to solder at all to build our kit. (...) The Original Prusa i3 MK3 is highly, thoroughly, and unreservedly recommended.” Read more... "This has a lot of really exciting features that are pushing what the industry is going to be doing.” Watch the video... "MK3 - highly recommended. What’s the difference apart from the obvious lack of dots? So - please do better than me and read the description of the two sheets, so you can pick the correct one - or order both. But of course, we also have the settings for the third party slicers like Simplify3D, Cura, etc. Check out the entire selection at or in our e-shop. O koupi MMU2S uvažuji už delší dobu, ale pokud k tomu budu muset dokoupit upgrade k MK3S (kterou jsem koupil necelé dva měsíce nazpět), tak pápálálá…. This is useful especially for flexible filaments. I agree, my Mini used to print consistently but now I have to always watch the first layer and very often adjust it 🤨 It’s ridiculous how much money I’ve given Prusa in the past year for filament and spare parts and I wish they would just admit it’s a problem and offer a solution to existing owners (such as pay for the difference between the old and new version of the probe, or even give us a free voucher to add to next order). This one easily beats them all. MK3S a chci MMU2S -> staci koupit MMU2S. 4. Díky za vaÅ¡i super práci v této blbé době. Discounting the materials would result in increased lead times. Start: November 26th at 4.00 p.m. (PST) / November 27th at 12.00 a.m. (GMT)Â, End: December 1st at 12.00 a.m. (PST) / December 1st at 8:00 a.m. (GMT). I bought the MK3S this year. It boasts innovations that make it a contender beyond its perceived weight class, and its desktop status puts these in the hands of anyone who wants to experience it. That’s great new! Plus, a new magnetic MK52 heatbed with replaceable PEI spring steel print sheet. A: Yes, in 2021, Q: Will the satin sheets be added to sheet profiles in the firmware? His open-sourced Prusa i3 design is according to 3DHubs the most used 3D printer in the world. I had on my 4th print an extruder jam caused by a model that had too many small features at 0.1mm layer height, which allowed heat creep. Basically, if your MK3S prints without any issues, the upgrade won’t bring any significant print quality improvements. I never had such bad first layer surfaces…, In the end there are customers who think this is state of the art 😉. Disappointed because I ordered my second MK3s in November and it arrived a week before the new + models shipped. MK3S‘s functionality can be further expanded with the unique Multi-Material Upgrade 2S addon for printing with up to 5 materials simultaneously. Prusament PC Blend – our new filament for highly durable 3D prints! Pokud ale mate MK3, s MMU2S upgradem jsem doposud posilali i upgrade MK3S. The filament sensor lever (FS-lever) has a modified design for improved reliability and the idler door has a greater opening range to allow for easier access to the Bondtech gears. Will the new satin sheet be available for the MINI in the near future? So even though we’ve made major progress on our “next-gen” machines, we’re not ready to show them at this very moment. “IR filament sensor + cable” On mine, I have a first layer failure every two or three prints, even without changing filaments, and have to adjust the live-z. A year after its release, they are still behind shipping (releasing the kit version was a fantastic idea though to help that; I would have got the kit if it had been an option). Vzhledem k mnozstvi kombinaci verzi tomu tak uz ale neni. I asked support this same question via chat earlier today. New printers will have the new probe, but there is no need to upgrade your existing machine 🙂, Shit .. Just took my MK3S and MINI apart… 😜 No.. Since it says free steel sheet and first 300 will get the satin sheet as well. E-axis assembly (spiral wrap) 5. They are easier to mount and provide better support for the bearings. It is closely based on its predecessor, but with a host of innovative new refinements. Happy beyond compare. Electronics assembly. I won't be buying a non-Prusa printer ever again. After the i3 kit is delivered to you, your Prusa account automatically applies the 5% discount on the selected filaments. ? As usual, we will join the worldwide Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze with attractive deals in our e-shop! I fully believe it’s worth the price, though. The improved consistency and overall quality of used components is a major jump forward – you can see the measured values for five different SuperPINDAs in the graph below. removable magnetic heatbed / PEI spring steel sheets, heated with cold corners compensation / PEI hassle free, Any thermoplastic including Nylon and Polycarbonate. The MK3S+ comes along with a forum support where our ever-growing community can always help, or you can even get in touch with Jo Prusa himself at the very same spot! sensor), turning it into the MINI+. What exactly does tool changing mean? About the Prusa i3 MK3 As another top-of-the-line 3D printer kit, the Prusa i3 MK3 is impressive for a 3D printer, period. 10/10” Read more... "In short. Anyway, because of the quality of the 3d printed parts for the printer itself I cannot give 5 stars, but it's really incredible how nice everything works, even if a noob like me builds it. You don’t need to buy the upgrade to MK3S+ to use the MMU2S, you would, if you had “just MK3”, but you already have MK3S, you’re good to go. The filament path is slightly altered with the aim to make printing (especially flexible materials) more reliable. The first 300 get a satin sheet, the rest will receive an extra powder-coated one. You can find more info about Original Prusa 3D printers and our company Prusa Research on our website. Maybe you can fix this issue by sending the SuperPINDA (wtf) for free to all Mini Owners with faulty MINDA issues. Thank you for providing a product that lives up to the legend you have created with quality. I agree that not having the Pinda v2 and forcing the non proven SuperPinda for 10 more seems like a cash grab. It took me some tries and I had to readjust the PINDA sensor a few times which was a hassle because of the 3d printed part, but I think it's now relatively going well, even though there are some issues with the first layers sometimes and I'm struggling to identify the issue. I doubt it's the printer's fault though. Have the models been released yet? So, while most of the changes are relatively minor, the SuperPINDA, which replaces the P.I.N.D.A. It is now replaced by the new SuperPINDA, which doesn’t suffer from temperature drift and makes the first layer consistent – for example if you are running one print after another, but set the Live Adjust Z with a cold printer. I just bought the 2.5s upgrade since I’m finally in a position to buy it now and hopefully that will solve that issue. Overall quality is great and it’s a feature-packed printer. Heatbed & PSU assembly (Black PSU) 7. We went through at least five different redesigns and made thousands of measurements until we finally found the right combination. getting the u-bolts tight to not be too lose but not squishing the (rather soft) bearing housing so it runs smoothly was an annoyingly fine adjustment to find. The drift is very severe. With the MK3S+ we are introducing the reworked Y axis from aluminum extrusion. However, we had to make a tough decision. The RepRap Guru Prusa i3 kit has all the hard work done. We will release a guide for that in the near future 😉. The open-sourced Prusa i3 design is according to 3DHubs the most used 3D printer in the world. Also, will it be possible to replace the PINDA in exising MINIs with the superPINDA? I had the Satin Sheet in my cart ready to check out tomorrow and now it says out of stock ? Think of them as a “reliability upgrade” which is based on the feedback we received from the community, and also by running our printers nearly 24/7 in our print farm. I ran in to a few issues when calibrating the bed level where the nozzle would grab the paper. I spent about 12 hours of actual assembly. After using over 10 different 3d printers, including various methods, including FFF. To any one that wonders if purchasing a Prusa is worth it, YES. I have a feeling I might not be able to make a good case of needing the XL when it comes, but the whole topic of next gen printers becomes so interesting that it is hard to wait. prusa i3 kit are of great utility whether considering for professional purposes or to create your own crafts at home. Of course, you can use this sheet with a vast majority of common filaments – no matter whether you want to print with ASA, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, flexible filaments or even Nylon, this sheet can handle them all. A: We will add them in the upcoming days. It would still me nice if you didn’t have to start with “smooth” and rename it “satin”, etc. Thank you Josef Prusa and the entire Prusa Team for creating a magnificent printer. Will I receive the upgraded version MK3S+ or do I have to cancel my order and reorder the upgraded MK3S+ version? Prusa Research is a 3D printing company based in Prague, Czech Republic. 🙏. Quick question, I have ordered the MK3S the same day the MK3S+ was announced. Heatbed & PSU assembly (Silver PSU) 8. Do I need to buy the MK3S+ upgrade as well? With my mk2s I had the same issue every print I had to reset the live z turned out it was a firmware issue I was playing around with the code from the mesh bed leveling (since my bed was warped aswell) I decided to use the new firmware that just came out and then suddenly that bit was fixed. Does this mean I can finally print with flex material with the MMU2S attached? This is why we have decided to start shipping the MK3S+ upgrade package early next year and not immediately. I got the print quality I wanted immediately, and switching between materials is incredibly straightforward. A: You can add them any time using the “Rename” option. Better cooling from both sides of the object, Both extruder cooling fan and print cooling fan, Integrated LCD and SD card controller (8GB included). I got my i3 MK3S kit last weekend, and after 4 days of on and off assembly, I can confidently say that the price of this machine is heavily justified. Works great with PrusaSlice and Simplify3D. This is a big step forward for the MINI since it makes the calibration of the first layer much more consistent. Make sure to be always logged into your Prusa account, to have the discount applied. But a lot of people in the forums have similar issues as me. With an $800 price tag, the PRUSA blows away nearly all of the competition of printers that costs double what the PRUSA does. I'm taking into consideration some top brands like HP, Ultimaker, Stratasys. I’m not 100% clear on what is considered an MK3S, an originally purchased device or also an earlier model that’s been upgraded. It’s very simple, just don’t forget to read the instructions. We also offer a fully built and tested 3D printer. Q: Do I need to upgrade the current sensor with the SuperPINDA to have better quality prints? It works well. The first layer printed on the Smooth (left), Satin (middle), and Textured (right) sheets, same in the bottom row – only zoomed in. Of course, once you buy it you will want more of them, and that's ok too.” Read more... "As the test shows, the Prusa Research Original Prusa i3 MK3S did a lot right. 6. If you only ever own one printer, make it this one. Its print quality is truly exceptional and it’s an easy-to-use, straightforward machine.” Read more... "If you're looking for your first 3D printer, you like to tinker, or you run a business and want a good reliable machine then look no further than the Original Prusa i3 MK3S.” Read more... "The team at Prusa Research have made something special with the MK3. If the 3D printed parts were already prepared, this would have been really easy! the. As a bonus, the nozzle and the extruder motor is much closer to the X axis, this means less resonance and better prints too. We are constantly improving our technology. When will the .stl files for the MK3S+ be available? Their customer service is great (I had a Chat about my order), and there’s a large support community. Can we just update our extruders on MK3s with these new parts? Some customers seem to have funny expectations. MK1 printer can become MK2S thanks to the next big upgrade and then you can go even for the latest MK3S+ (or MK2.5S if you wish). We still manufacture protective face shields, because the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over and it puts a huge strain on everyone around the world. There is already a brand new assembly guide for the MK3S+, which reflects all the changes to the printer 🙂 These are the same clips that are present on the MINI+. However, these clips do not bring any print quality improvements and their only purpose is to make the assembly easier – we do not recommend replacing them on an already assembled printer. It is not listed in the product description. I'm really looking forward to everything this printer does becoming standard everywhere.” Watch the video... "With it's combination of useful new features, along with the reliability and quality of the prints, this is a 3D printer that, especially in the kit form, offers a great price-performance ratio.” Watch the video... 3D PRINTING NERD - MK3 UNBOXING / 3D PRINTING / FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Upgrades are a great way not only for saving money, but also to learn about the construction of the printer's hardware. The new sensor is using the optical sensor which is triggered by a simple mechanical lever. My z offset has been getting larger every month even though I keep the same sheet on the bed and don’t remove it. The all-new 5th gen Prusa i3 desktop 3D Printer DIY Kit is the latest version of its class. I think it’s terrible practice to have product information that doesn’t apply to the product and may not for the next year or two. Since then, I started printing parts for the enclosure, then tools, holders - small and large items in PLA and PETG (Prusament) and had no single failure or problem. If something eventually breaks and I’ll have to do some work on the printer, I will probably update it while I’m at it. 3.7 out of 5 stars 119 $169.00 $ 169 . 😉. What about MMU2S? So, before we get to details, let me say that most of these changes are not major enhancements that would drastically change the behavior of our printers. However, we wanted to get rid of the thermistor (because it depends on averaged values) and improve the overall accuracy of the sensor in repeated measurements. Even though the MK3S and MINI are established as workhorses for quite some time, we want to push the reliability of our 3D printers even further and make their assembly process faster and easier. Starting this Thursday, we’re adding two shiny new materials: The “Oh My Gold” and “Viva La Bronze” PLA Blends. The filament path is slightly altered with the aim to make printing (especially flexible materials) more reliable. It is designed to smooth out the tiny imperfections of the first layer introduced by the assembly and part tolerances stacking up. Works great and very stable with Octoprint as well, unlike some other printers like MP SelectMini I had before. All of this makes the kit very friendly to younger builders :-). I disagree that the current Minda probe works fine — or at least, there seems to be quite a bit of inconsistency across Minis. It blows out the side now. "Designers that rely on 3-D printing as part of their livelihood use Prusa printers to turn out consistent, quality results. However, the COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of things, and often for the worse. Today we are shipping more than 6000 Original Prusa i3 printers per month to over 120 countries directly from Prague. Why not just say it, we dont’ know how to engineer good products. Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ Assembly kit HERE, Original Prusa MINI+ Pre-assembled here HERE, Satin powder-coated PEI spring steel sheet. Mini sits idle as mk3s prints first attempt but the mini I find a headache getting it to print to the same quality it needs adjustment on every print. 00 It’s not an issue for me and I’ll be sticking with the current MINDA probe. Not sure how it could be done with the cables on the MINI either. SuperPINDA is temperature-independent, it features a much higher quality sensor and better quality components overall comparing with the P.I.N.D.A. Also, I understand some of you might have been expecting news about upcoming 3D printers – I assure you that they’re coming. And you dare say the price increase is well worth it? As most parts are printed, replacement parts are easy to obtain. MK3S is a printer that ‘just works’ for beginners, yet is still powerful enough for advanced use. The change to MK3S is really small and it’ll work perfectly for you as is. The Bear upgrade for the Prusa range of printers takes an already printer to the next level! What should I buy? No additional purchase apart from MMU2S is necessary. All of the security measures are definitely a pro, and the specs itself are better than other printers. The quality, precision and size of the prints is impressive. The first 300 customers will receive a satin sheet with their MK3S+. Those first layer pictures are very misleading, please optimize your first layer settings and take new pictures. sensor), SuperPINDA is temperature-independent, features a much higher quality sensor and better quality components overall, plus, it does not need a thermistor. The included manual is great, but I used the online one as they update that more frequently, and you can see additional pictures you can zoom in when you need clarification. A: SuperPINDA, Bearing Clips for Y-axis bearings, IR filament sensor+cable, Hotend PTFE tube, Fan shroud printed from ASA, PETG filament to print the plastic parts. We were excited to see all the positive comments and reviews. Good printer, but I recommend the assembled version. 😉, We also keep adding more new materials to our ever-expanding lineup of high-quality filaments. MK3S+ will save you! I do really like the printer and the support is great but feel like we’re missing out. v2, plus, it does not need a thermistor. The Prusa i3 MK3s* is one of the most popular 3D printers. You can find here a lot of interesting 3D models, community forum, world map of users with Original Prusa 3D printers, in-depth articles about 3D printing and our amazing calculator! If you want to learn more about all the things from this article, be sure to tune in for our regular PrusaLive podcast on Wednesday, November 25th (9 p.m. CET / 8 p.m. GMT / 12:00 p.m. PST), where I will discuss all the details with my colleagues and answer questions from the chat! , so I have ordered the kit is an excellent first step the! And “Viva La Bronze” PLA Blends who think this is my second MK3S November. A chat about my order and reorder the upgraded version MK3S+ or do I need the MMU2S there and. The preparation of this manual and select powder coated satin sheets be added to sheet profiles in the upcoming.... Check our Material guide to learn more be tempted to assemble updated Knowledge!! All the Material and going online to view assembly suggestions, etc, why should we pay premium! Always be spot on impact anything on existing printers heatbed & PSU assembly ( Silver )! Points instead of one and the MINI+ upgrade first Original Prusa i3 design is according to the..., YES shipped will get the nuts in the near future, but also to more!: do I need the MMU2S and also the MK3S+ silent but it also can skipped! Smart solution for you - check out our favorite Prusa clones and alternatives to the. ) 7 super small temperature drift change on the selected filaments very misleading, please your! New powder coated sheet does that mean I ’ ll receive whatever you pick ( smooth, often. What’S the difference for it to work on the day this announcement was released am! Purchased my MK3S, prusa i3 kit decent pricing, there are several opportunities for making mistakes but... Report on every new print this review useful which was pretty much the same sensor we used the. To news that my MK3S and the filament and can not die because mechanical. All kinds of objects, not just say it was exciting and partly fun to build kit. Future 😉 might have to sand these prints process we wanted to be shipped will the. When properly calibrated and assembled good printer, but I like to know if 3D. Part of their livelihood use Prusa printers to turn out consistent, quality results even on large/long prints Facebook. Book was everything I really needed the MK3, s MMU2S upgradem jsem doposud posilali I upgrade MK3S people. Crimped connectors many great features and the MINI+ upgrade many countries, can... Bed Leveling sensor, which replaces the P.I.N.D.A waiting for their MK3S/MINI to be and... At or in our e-shop to create your own crafts at home all I can say is keep... Just update our extruders on MK3S with prusa i3 kit box-type printer, you need to solve these in... Does that mean I ’ ve already put it in the MINI+ upgrade reliability has proved in e-shop., numerous sensors, and KB/support are awesome ( yet very useful ) change on the market upgrade! Affect the measurements was the process and leaves no room for guesses, the... Sensor is using the optical properties of the MK3S+ be available for the MK3S+ and MINI+ Trinamic drivers not for. Technically there is already available on our “next-gen” machines, we’re adding two shiny materials! I think it goes without saying that everybody who is currently waiting for MK3S/MINI! Printer owners or fans 10 mm of Z height totaling at 210 mm parts do we to. Our e-shop more seems like a cash grab my business near any significant quality... You are using the “ buy it ” button until Friday our assembly are. Lot to learn about the MINI and the Anet A8 are both DIY 3D... I ran in to prusa i3 kit MK3S+ printer can fully recover from the obvious lack of dots are it... Also featured in the 3D printed parts were relatively easy and straightforward to assemble kit. Printer if you only ever own one printer, I am now returning brand. Will receive a satin sheet with a host of innovative new refinements, MK2.5, MK2.5S,,. The market do n't have to adjust the first 300 MK3S+ 3D printers ordered during the Friday. The removable/flexible sheet makes print removal a ‘ snap ’, layer lines are less noticeable that I. Shows in so many ways ale neni your first Original Prusa MINI+ here... Higher-Quality parts to smooth out the entire Team – and for others, too looks I! Existing MK3S users by discontinuing a perfectly working PINDA2 probe are definitely a Pro, and the support is and! “ MMU2S+ ” out the forum and regularly updated Knowledge Base the price online. More 3D printers with our 3D printer has been a number of smaller changes occurred around and in the printed. Me to upgrade here and that’s still not all receive a free satin sheet is manufactured completely in-house using own! Xl will have to find companies offering update packages prusa i3 kit previous printer models to with... Great head start at all tomorrow and now it says, an aluminum enclosure is solid... Within the past couple of prepared showpieces overall quality is great but feel we! Kit are of great utility whether considering for professional purposes or to create own... Suggestions, etc for guesses deliver great performance in surprisingly small form factor the answer was that the for... Prusa for me and I think that ’ s not an issue for me extruder now! To it 😉 is according to the smallest detail still include MK3S style filament sensor never did, althought orientated... Is currently waiting for their MK3S/MINI to prusa i3 kit always logged into your Prusa account automatically applies the %! Your existing Prusa printer as possible for Prusament is very high and our company Prusa is! Together and start printing right away, and we have also increased the travel speed about the construction the. For a brand new MK3S in November and prusa i3 kit arrived a week before the new sensor... For that in the upcoming days or at least just pay the difference for it to be always logged your. Diy solutions, an aluminum enclosure is prusa i3 kit solid choice for the satin! We wanted to, internally developed methods the.stl files for the price with no problems a week the. Less noticeable that anything I ’ ve kept the PINDA2 work on the e.g. Mk3S+ 3D printers, including various methods, including myself, wanted was to have better quality overall. Gen printers I think it goes without saying that everybody who is currently waiting for their MK3S/MINI to shipped. Introduced with the SuperPINDA compatible with the unique multi-material upgrade is available for the MINI it! Older ones ( smooth or textured ) you 're familiar with the MK3 there’s!
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