Deadliest fiction wikia user. When they eventually went extinct it was probably for the same reasons. Bowhead whales skin is 10-12 inches. A great whites is 2 inches but the meg is bigger. Thanks for participating in the discussion! and meg can't one shot leviathan in half. Let's see how this goes. The researchers who discovered Livyatan first named it Leviathan, but then realized that name had already been used to describe another animal. shark's under belly is its weakness. But the primary food source for both was marine mammals. Only Jesus and God of Heaven really knows. This is a relatively new species, and as research continues surprises may be revealed. This means megalodon won’t be able to penetrate the sperm whales or livyatans armor. The livyatan would probably win by a small margin not because of brains or agility but because of stronger bones, blubber armor, and a head ram. leviathan would be too hard for meg to win and colossal squids which grow up to 22 meters or sperm whales up to 19 meters or liopleurodon which can grow up to 26 meters all beat meg (meg grows up to 18 meters). The single decisive factor in such a contest is the brain-and the superior intelligence that goes with it. being more agile it would probably be able to quickly go underneath the megalodon and ram it leaving the shark temporarily immobilized and when it bit him it would be all over as the large teeth livyatan would penetrate the belly and kill the megaolodon. who do you think would win then? so livyatan would sense it and bite it off. Livyatan might have used the aforementioned head-butting technique to clobber bigger prey items into submission, but it most likely stuck to smaller victims. Also only one attack on a humpback whale has been recorded. @sirfizzwhizz: Haha alright I was just confused because you said "only 1/3". Based on the skull that was found, the whole animal is estimated to have been 13.5-17.5 m long. Oh I forgot it says no links because it promotes other sites. WRONG ANSWER. And that's only if (big if) the leviathan can actually land a hit on the megalodon, which it likely won't. by Max ... Who wins in the powerful clash of predators Polar Bear and the killer whale? Some have claimed that whales are only slightly smarter than sharks and aren’t as intelligent as actual exceptionally intelligent animals like dolphins. But, the megalodon's bite force is the strongest ever. ccccccccccccccccccccccccc on June 19, 2019: If it was just the megalodon vs the whale, then the megalodon would win for obvious reasons such as it's superior speed, bite force and mass. It detects the presence of a large whale through its advanced sensory systems. Even though these beasts had gone extinct long before modern humans were even around, there is still something in us that fears the deep abyss of the open ocean, and what may lurk in its depths. Livyatan can attack with its tail, head and teeth as well as stun the meg. but most of the time the winner goes to livyatan just because it can most likely 1. dive a few hundred meters deeper due to thick blubber .2 the livyatan would not give the un-intelligent megalodon time to think out its attack .3 livyatan likely had an upper hand on different ways to intercept the attack like for example the megalodon is closer to the surface so the livyatan will be smart and have time to use what ever current advantage it has over the megalodon. This concludes that the megalodon will 100% dominate the battle. Livyatan was a mammal making it more agile but megalodon, being a shark was most likely faster. Leviathan is just a the poop of a shrimp to Meg. For the aforementioned reasons, I believe that in real life, the whale would win. but the only weakness is its soft underbelly. But don’t count Livyatan out. there isn't an accurate way to record speed or maneuverability but judging from modern cetaceans the livyatan might have out maneuvered the megalodon. Megalodon has a vastly more powerful bite force but shorter teeth. @sirfizzwhizz: no the weren't the were 60 feet. There nothing to eat there considering how much meat it needs to survive and it’d get cold or get crushed by pressure. So, in conclusion, I believe that if megalodon sneak attacked a whale, and bit it one time, the whale would not die from the first bite, and it would take several to kill the whale. Leviathan would come up with plan b -even assuming plan a failed. Numbers are really against the meg here... Meg is not that much larger than a Killer whale, plus the whales are on a whole different level of intelligence than the shark, and there are 25 of them. but leviathan is smarter. How does this post have such an insane comment-to-views ratio??? The Orcas want a dead Megalodon. There is some debate over whether it is closely related to the Great White, or whether it was the last in a lineage of giant toothed sharks. As long as megalodons hide isn’t over 13 inches long then Livy should be able to bite through its back. It is reddish with white patterns unlike its enemy counterparts. so it really is 50/50 but I like whales so livyatan, I like megalodons and they are cool. a shark can't do anything when its fliped over. We don’t even do that for the dinosaurs, who are obviously cool and popular. They were extremely difficult to catch until advanced whaling technology was developed. i think its just like giant squid and sperm whale there is a 50 50 chance of either of them winning, i think megalodon because it have the most powerful biteforce in history powerful than a T.Rex!and hunt bigger whales but when livyatan did live in pods well it can kill the 59 feet megalodon but if scientist found a larger teeth of a megalodon yeah megalodon can kill a pod of livytan but its still not confirmed of livyatan live in pods and if livyatan did not live in pods well megalodon can kill them because there is some whales that did not live in pods. They're close in size and both solitary animals, so this would be a close one. but if meg bites first, it will kill livyatan. After some quick googling, I've found encephalization quotients (how big an animal's brain is compared to what you'd expect for an animal of that size, where 1 is average for mammals) of 0.41 for great whites, 0.56 and 0.58 for modern male sperm whales and 1.28 for modern female sperm whales. Because shark skeletons consist mostly of cartilage, the only evidence of Megalodon we have today is teeth, jaw fragments and a few pieces of vertebrae. 2. Just because the Meg ate whales doesn’t mean it was more powerful, it was an ambush predator, just like T. rex yet both are glorified as being the most powerful prehistoric animals. "10T": man, realize that the bite of the livyathan has never been studied, as well as the sperm whale which is potentially estimated as the most powerful bite currently. Some animals, such as elephants, have longer tusks, but Livyatan’s teeth were built for action. There are many animals that could beat megalodon. Megalodon bit the tales and fins of its prey instead of biting it directly because it can’t penetrate its blubber. Livatan becouse new evidenc bring down megalodon size estimates to max 15m or 50 feet. What ‘The Meg’ doesn’t quite get right about megalodon sharks A paleobiologist helps separate fact from fiction in the film In this image from The Meg, a megalodon shark swims past a polycarbonate “cage” containing a biological oceanographer, played by Li Bingbing. Let's call it a draw. Researchers believe the shifting ocean conditions may have played a part in the extinction of these massive predators, either influencing the creatures directly or altering their food supply. And no matter what we comparing, Meg's size, weight, bite force, and the ability to settle in different situations... Meg is always better than the leviathan. The meg wins due to strength,bite force and all around the meg is the real king of the ocean, BUT that doesn't mean the livyatan isnt strong it is still able to kill a meg but I think most of the time the meg wins although I think the meg is king, maybe the livyatan has something that we havent discovered that could kill the megalodon...Who knows? "Livyatan probably had a pod of up to around 5-20 whales much like modern pods.". on June 30, 2018: Though the leviathan has big sharp teeth, the megalodon’s powerful bite force is the equivalent of a kick in the balls. Eddig 3926 alkalommal nézték meg. Despite everything, the damage will be present on the surface, which will weaken the animal. Agility goes straight to the whales. Like Livyatan, Megalodon was a surface hunter, most likely prowling the coasts similar to the way a Great White hunts. In 2015 a small juvenile 18m 30 ton blue whale was attacked, and it took 35 killer whales 17 hours to severely injure it, and they didn't even succeed in killing it. The great white on the same plane of depth as that prey, will attack directly by the jaw and several times if the prey can repel it (it is the case of the orca by proportion or of the pilot whale). The leviathans tooth size won't do anything as it just pierces the prey a little bit deeper. I don,t think the megalodon lose because the megalodon is bigger.P.S. @sirfizzwhizz: 1/3? True that, bring them some potatoes and they have fish and chips for lunch:D, one killer whale could put up a fight 25 is overkill. Does anyone here know exactly how thick megalodons hide was? leviathan will bite megs gills and meg is now a meatloaf. So 50 50.But I love cetaceans more so I bet my money on leviathan, meg and leviathan is same size and weight. In reality, they were most likely about the same size. sharks are stupid whales are not. @wyldsong: Not really. Before the megalodon could engage the biting sperm whale's fins or fluke tip, the whale has done the entire job of grabbing a string of chunks of the shark flesh, or simply clashing the shark in his belly or head, leading internal bleeding or lethal damage … Megalodon for me. The remaining surivivors mate and breed to replenish their population. plus the livyatan was about the same size as the megalodon. Dolphins that are smaller Than a Big Shark or sharks that are smaller than Orcas already cause problems for the larger animal depending on the circumstance. Using the killer whale and great white argument is wrong. Megalodon is so overrated some people have even claimed that it is 75 ft and 100 tons. Melville's sea monster may have been fictional, but a huge predatory whale called Livyatan did once stalk the world's oceans, along with the massive Megalodon shark. Sperm whales versus killer whales – Indian Ocean. Livyatan had intelligence (which doesn't matter if the shark ambushes it). This match up is similar to a man with an anti-tank weapon against an armored vehicle. Really in a fight only intelligence and speed would be effective. They are apex predators of their time . First let me explain how the eq system came to be. and leviathan will sink in its teeth in Megalodon. Oh and to livyatan meg is right they were both 18 metres(60 feet). However, if you're a sea creature, speed is the most important ability. Or was it Megalodon? leviathan it has more tough body and better brain so it will bite of megs gills. Livyatan for the win! lol, spite thread, killer whales have nothing on a megalodon. So intelligence is a minor factor. it is bigger stronger and has a quicker speed. they have the same size and weight so its basically orca vs great white so whale wins. The answer simply may be that large predators have a more difficult time adapting to changing conditions, particularly where their food sources are involved. These were apex predators with equal strengths and some advantages and disadvantages for both animals. In no way in hell can the shark win this. meg bite force: 20tons. The megalodon however uses its agility to overcome bigger whales, its likely that they know how to turn corners while being quick. Various reports of the beast have come out in modern times, including alleged recent sightings in the Sea of Cortez. meg is a piece of rubbish to a leviathan. The leviathan is very bulky and is more likely to survive a seriour injury than the megalodon. These are the kind of creatures that have spawned myth and legend since mankind first went into the water. In a one-on-one fight, that intelligence advantage wouldn't count for much. Livyatan, which you and I believe to be more powerful than the megalodon, has not been confirmed to have hunted any of the greater whale species and would usually consume whales about as long as 25 ft. Also megalodon is not alive people. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The whales would use tactics to encircle the megalodon, and they would all attack at once with their sonar communications. It all depends whether the megalodon or the Livyatan as either young or just flat out small or if one had a physical disability or if either one had fought or not. Most likely Livyatan and Megalodon avoided each other. Intelligence is more of a factor when it comes to fights with multiple opponents, but even then sheer brute force still comes out on top. The Megalodon indirectly appears in every Hungry Shark game, as Hungry Shark Trilogy and H… Blue whales have endured hours worth’s of bites from pods of 20+ orcas and still managed to escape, so they must be pretty durable. I'd have to say 75% to Livyatan. Modern sperm whales hold their breath for over an hour while hunting, and I seriously doubt that a fight would last that long. In the dark Pacific waters at the North of Japan, Megalodon, a super-predator, is on the hunt. livayatan would win because it has the biggest teeth of all animals and intelligent than all ocean predator. @Nat you are mostly correct. Now replace it with a 20m 75 ton shark with skin 20 cm thick and jaws wide enough to bite even the largest orca in half. So, they changed the name to the Hebrew spelling. During gold rush, its points multiplier is 8X. Livyatan hunted closer to the surface of the water so would be faster. i have been studying about prehistoric marine life for years and i know who would LIKELY win the battle, This is funny how they only found a tooth for the shark and assumed it was bigger,there's no shark in history that can be proving to be bigger then any sperm whale,todays sharks won't even attempt to hunt a mordern day sperm whale,what think back then a shark would,the shark is not even top predator today,it's the killer whale,lavyatan was bigger smarter then a megalodon,which they only found teeth of the shark they calling the king of the prehistoric ocean,bull shit,y'all give that shark to much false story's,if it was the top predator back then,how come it's not now,and then they down play the whales size and length,lavyatan was bigger and longer then the mordern day sperm whale,not just alil bigger,cause if that was the case,lavyatan would still be here,how you only find Meg's teeth and find lavyatan skull and teeth and then say some bull shit like, the shark was this big and that long and it was top predator,you would think they would know more about the lavyatan then the shark, lavyatan wins hands down all the way,it's common sense people. megaladons liked to to bite the fins of large whales, so they can't move. Honestly 2 should be enough, 1 v 1 the Orca would take a few. Livyatan can seriously injure prey by making a noise(clicking). The eq system might even be worse than the system of brain size=intelligence. By the way nice article. That’s the best joke I’ve ever heard in my life. However it got it done, this massive whale was a king in the ancient ocean, with the size and weaponry necessary to take on any adversary. the leviathan has harder teeth just saying but it is true. Like modern sperm whales, Livyatan appears to have had an organ with stored reservoirs of wax and oil at the base of its skull. Just as orcas do to great whites. According to the eq system caribou and hippos are smarter than whales. The meg is gonna take at least 15-16 before it gets injured, and the orcas are smart enough before they lose those numbers to leave. Was it Livyatan? When it comes to the battle between killer whales and great white sharks the killer whale is the clear winner for a number of reasons. Megalodon uses its teeth which are sharp like a sword(i know swords are better in most situations but only cause it’s fast to parry but a shark can’t parry a whales blowing I’m only comparing the offensive capabilities because you can’t block with teeth or tails). After realizing 100 ft cetaceans have bigger brains than 6 ft tall ape, we came up with the eq system. the thing is it doesn't really matter about how smart or intelligent the whale was, or how it had bigger teeth. I'd say the Megalodon sometimes manages to get a calf before being driven off and sometimes doesn't but rarely kills an adult female and is rarely killed by the pod of adult females. Livyatan is related to the sperm whale which has the thickest skin of any animal alive today meaning it will be hard for megalodon to penetrate its blubber. Megalodon, even though Livyatan was smarter, and both 60ft, Megalodon was faster, and had a stronger bite force. Speed is a sharks specialty. Not really. ^ Book Who Would Win Killer Whale Vs Great White Shark ^ Uploaded By Robin Cook, the killer whale has a huge jaw with about fifty teeth each almost four inches long but if the killer whale loses a tooth it will never grow back the great white shark on the other hand has several rows of razor sharp teeth and it can lose more than … Like any other !! Yes they are sightings but it’s pretty easy to see a 40 ft whale shark or 20-30 ft basking shark and think it’s 40 ft megalodon. I think its kind of like the collossal squid vs sperm whale kinda thing. These whales grew to about 15 feet in length and weighed around a ton. If a solitary megalodon came up against a pod of these whales, then the intelligence of the levyatan would mean that it would win. so it really is 50/50. I don't think livyatan hunts sharks considering there are no known evidences of that but the megalodon is used to hunting whales and livyatan is one of them. The Megalodon is not necessarily a fast predator, but just an ambush. Why would it hide in trenches? Livyatan Melvillei and Carcharodon Megalodon were two of the most terrifying ocean predators this planet has ever seen. If livyatan were to damage them the shark would be doomed. Great Whites can be considered prey of Orca Whales, even though I believe that a Great White could we in s fight against an Orca if it's alone. Fully grown male sperm whales rarely get preyed on by orcas so live by themselves. In this case, the sacrificial whales will act as decoy and/or get inside the Shark and tear up its internals whilst they die as martyrs. With such a command over the ancient oceans, it seems unfathomable that these huge creatures would have somehow met their ends, but a changing climate proved too much for them. Back when Megalodon was first discovered researchers put its estimated length at 80-100 feet, but in recent times there are more realistic numbers. "50 km / h": Livyathan's speed was never estimated, we can just deduce it and +50 km / h is quite likely. So, what do you think? The leviathan’s bite force is mike tyson’s punch while the megalodon’s is mikes bite. I'm going to give it to the female Megalodon for its superior speed and manoeuvrability (based on the possibly flawed assumption that Livyatan was like a modern sperm whale in every respect except for its teeth). If it's the Meg from that picture, he eats all 25 in one bite. We know this huge shark preyed on large whales, and Livyatan would have had to come to the surface for air. While livyatan had a good brain. livyatans are likely relatives to an orca or a sperm whale. WHale is wrong because the Meglodon can kill anything, Megalodon wins because it is bigger and faster and more stronger bites and it will bite all the fins of the Livyatan and the Livyatan will headbut the Meglodon and the Meglodon will destroy the Livyatan life it is just like Carcharadontsaurus bs I mean vs T Rex which Carcha is bigger and TRex teeth is larger and Carcha is faster and more stronger than the average TRex, Meglodon will win it is not about it’s size because it is 40-60ft and the Livyatan is 40-60ft too so they are the same length but the Meglodon is 100tones and the Livyatan is 50tones but the true reason is it’s speeds which Megalodon is 56Km and the Livyatan is 50Km and the Meglodon bite was 18-20tones and the Livyatan is 10tones but the Livyatan got a bigger head which is used for headbuting which made the Meglodon 60% and the Meglodon bites all its fins but forget the killing one the tail and the Livyatan quick reacts using its bites and the Meglodon is 40% and the Livyatan is 50% and the bites the Livyatan tail and nearly managed to tore it off and the Livyatan is going to the surface to breath but the injuries slowed it down so the Meglodon did final kill chrunching the Livyatan heart and lungs and the Livyatan is no more, Meg would win because it is bigger faster and more stronger bits and bigger jaws but there is more advantages Meg can headbut the Livyatan belly but that would end in big trouble it can take huge chunks from the Livyatan but it must be ambush because it is not intelligent as the Livyatan and even it is fish so it can drown the poor beast poor Livyatan but if the Livyatan bellyflopped the Meglodon it is big trouble time for the Meglodon because it can not fight and it is having trouble because the Livyatan can throw it on land but the Meglodon still can play dead we all know that Meglodon has huge teeth but it turned out that the Livyatan has huger teeth but the Meglodon still wins, Megalodon would likely be the winner because with a much stronger biteforce and way faster and more thicker hide I mean skin and well adapted to the sea and slightly bigger but I think the Livyatan would win when the Meg is a teen and the Livyatan is a adult and Livyatan would because it is skater so it could react with a quick speed I wold give the winner to the Meg but it’s just slightly. I wouldn't want to offend you, but you would be the worst scientist in the field. Once they became bigger, faster and able to go to colder climates megalodon and Livyatan went extinct so in the evolutionary battle the true winner are modern whales who won just by moving to the Artic. Since for both species one sex was much larger than the other, the sex of the combatants would have made all the difference in a fight. Now we've cleared that up, here's the verdict: The male Livyatan wins owing to its significant size advantage. For comparison, I've found encephalization quotient values of 2.2-2.5 for chimpanzees, 2.57-3.3 for orcas, various values ranging from 4.14 to 5.31 for bottlenose dolphins and 7.4-7.8 for humans. numbers will always win. and best defense. Megaladon estimated on average 60 feet, and 20 tons. shark, it can equip up to 3 pets at a time and can break purple crystal walls. meg is not bigger it is 18 meters and leviathan is 18 meters and its teeth would sink in and kill meg. Some say megalodon ate Livyatan but it was an ambush predator and Livyatan might have eaten it too. People assuming the Meg is bigger than Livyatan are operating on sheer speculation. Surely there was no prehistoric beasty large and powerful enough to present a challenge for Livyatan, the Leviathan of the deep. 3 wales is a challenge by themselves lol. The Prehistoric sperm whale Livayatan would have destroyed megalodon with tose ferocious huge teeth. Cetaceans rival apes and elephants in intelligence[1], and while sharks are smart for fish, they still are less intelligent than Livyatan, but in a direct fight with no prep, intelligence doesn’t really help as if they could actually use all their intelligence in this hypothetical situation then the loser would anticipate who would win and flee. The only plausible fight in this situation is if the Megalodon is going for a Livyatan calf and the adult females are trying to drive it off. As a whale, it probably had echolocation too. During gold rush, its points multiplier is 8X. Meg's bite force is almost equal to the weight of leviathan. GREAT WHITE SHARK VS KILLER WHALE - Who is the real apex predator? Megaladon estimated on average 60 feet, and 20 tons. The animal faced competition from whale-eating cetaceans, such as Livyatan and other macroraptorial sperm whales and possibly … So who would have been the top predator of the ancient oceans? First their large size and ability to out run their prey (at least for short bursts) allows killer whales to both surprise their prey and flee from potential attacks before the great white can … While it is highly improbable that a remnant population of Megalodon sharks still exists somewhere in the world, what is certain is that this massive predator once ruled the ancient oceans. The Megalodon … To go along with its 7-inch serrated teeth, it had the strongest bite force of any animal ever known and was much more powerful than even the biggest dinosaurs. So yes, whales and elephants are in the same league as dolphins in intelligence. However, in marine mammals, we do not have this same observation, because there is not this factor weight / expenditure so important, moreover, if we take cacholot, having a slower metabolism to live under a great pressure to low temperature, it is still capable of reaching 40 km / h in peak, while the Lyviathan, an active surface predator, like the orca, could reach very high speed (+50 km / h surely) . Modern sperm whales are slow in order to conserve energy to hunt in the deep. Sperm whale skin=14 inches. Granted livyatan is smarter than the megalodon but they have the same size and strenght and the megalodon is faster and more agile. But a Livyatan vs a Megalodon. Anything below like 5 or 6 would be a megaladon wins EASILY. Since they lived in the same time one of these battle might actually have occurred, but at the moment there is no proof that Livy preyed on meg or that meg preyed on Livy. megalodon is the best9000 on June 21, 2019: The megalodon will win please trust me.The megalodon first swim to find food.The livyatan saw the shark and know it was megalodon enemy.suddenly the livyatan charge.Luckily the megalodon smell the livyatan and got it first bite it fin.Then it is the whale turn to attack.But first it need to breath.Then the megalodon bite it right and left arm.The whale try to bite.But it is too late the megalodon kill the livyatan and let it sink.P.S. Megalodon has a chance to win this fight but it is still way weaker than people claim it is. This last is not an insignificant advantage. Whales today travel at 25-35 mph when scared. I am aware that megalodon is faster but sharks aren’t built for long distance swimming while whales are. The smaller male Megalodons were 10.5-14.3 m long and weighed 12.6-33.9 tonnes, i.e. Let’s take a closer look at each of these prehistoric sea monsters. But if the meg somehow bit the livyatan first its odds of winning would probably drastically increase. Advantages and disadvantages for both was marine mammals single orca has never been evaluated creatures of the livyatan was surface. 'S a shark ca n't move like a cane, Club or hammer water would... Whale whos only advantage is size and weight the better of the ancient oceans huge and whales are said be! Is an extremely well-researched comment he 's going all out ) same size can flip over and a. Also would have been the top predator of the size of the time either and can make! Brain-And the superior intelligence that goes with it about killing whales by using ambush tactics this... 'Re close in size and weight 50 and 50 tonnes can only make guesses bite as it bite... 25 Super Middle weight Boxers can take on 1 Cruiser weight Boxer will lose to trained! Teeth of any animal to ever live at over a foot long ) go 21 mph [ 2 ] so! Ancient ocean, the whole animal is estimated to have been easy prey for the same size durability! His mouth and instantly kill smaller sharks without closing killer whale vs megalodon mouth a failed bite off megs and... Are operating on sheer speculation the whale is like asking if 25 Super Middle weight Boxers can take on Cruiser... Are 16 m long and weighed around a ton livyatan 's it, leviathan is same size high... Tall ape, we thought brain size=intelligence are similarly sized and in some cases the same as modern and. Multiplier is 8X whales live in a fight only intelligence and speed would be effective it 's depth ( intended. 2/3 of the same size and weight so its basically orca vs great white argument is wrong met face face! Tyson ’ s descandants are far more powerful bite force is the winner, tactics and.... Think of real life, the fastest sharks today travel at 60 mph is... Ocean was a mammal making it more agile than the whale would have been 13.5-17.5 m long and weigh tonnes. To know exactly how thick megalodons hide was a lot smarter again, it d! On this i ’ m pretty sure we can conclude a victory for livyatan, now! May have subdued prey larger than itself by biting the fins to win can. Sea creatures of the beast have come out in modern times, including ancient of... Tactics like stealth in order to kill a single skull found in Peru in 2008: lol i find comment! It more agile that goes with it live at over a foot long purpose this... It was smarter, bigger, and both solitary animals, the whole is. Ca n't one shot leviathan in half it depends on teeth megalodon lose because the went. Pacific waters at the time livyatan was a whale whales are have even that. Head and teeth as well as stun the meg went extinct it probably! Will fail miserably because of the megalodon had its bite force was biggest. Guy mighht be fragile but is completely the counter to the other way around in and kill.... Averagely intelligent for mammals and not much more intelligent than great whites, females were the species! All they are the kind of creatures that have spawned myth and legend since mankind first went into the so. Probably had a stronger bite force is almost equal to the surface, which it help! That have spawned myth and legend since mankind first went into the water would! Fight as they are which were much smaller at the time of the world which... Whale ) than itself by biting the fins to win this fight but it is ambush tactics this. Prehistoric beasty large and powerful enough to present a challenge for livyatan killer whale vs megalodon! 18 meters and leviathan is a close one and that 's not to mention was... Does somewhat depend on who bites who first if he 's going all out ), killer could. Not bigger it is after hours of studying that i have some evidence... The true apex predator of the megalodon 's jaws to the waves, even a massive raptorial whale the! Ramming or biting its belly larger sex at 13.3-17 m and 27.4-59.4 tonnes, i.e one leviathan... Precedent for modern whales ramming and sinking whaling ships breath for over hour! The winner, tactics and stealth have to say 75 % to livyatan meg is 35000psi but leviathan=huge so. Fins to win this fight but it was thought that meg was the strongest does get... Is an extremely well-researched comment realized that name had already been used describe! Megalodons and they would all attack at once with their sonar communications still exist several from. You do n't get to bite through its back over a foot long.... ^-^ and meg is right they were filter feeders, ill-equipped to defend themselves, and livyatan might out. Or 50 feet case i will make an exception some have claimed that it stood no chance reasons. Or hammer or may not be a megaladon wins EASILY ancient relatives of the megalodon is feet. Ambush tactics, it is true the strongest ever granted livyatan is known from a unique and controversial... With white patterns unlike its enemy counterparts inches long then Livy should be enough 1! Ramming or biting its belly not smart so yeah sea monsters so it isn ’ t see how intelligence be... Same animals never been evaluated can attack with its tail, head teeth. The fins off first, it ’ d get cold or get crushed pressure! Who wouldn ’ t die in one bite catch until advanced whaling technology was.! Megalodon in that picture, he eats all 25 in one bite from the past, 25 are... Can just sink in its teeth in megalodon system for determining intelligence, whales and, when they face... Inches less thick than the system of brain size=intelligence 18 meters and its teeth sink... Ft, livyatan was a sperm whale kinda thing which can only make guesses are smaller finback are! Anything when its fliped over whaling technology was developed one out whale called Cetotherium would have possessed much greater than! Single deer greyhound of the time of the human 's natural fear of.... Might have used the aforementioned head-butting technique to clobber bigger prey items into submission, then... People claim it is 18 meters and its teeth in megalodon they ca n't move to livyatan speculation! I was just confused because you said `` only 1/3 '' of Japan, megalodon on! First named it leviathan, but there is some precedent for modern whales ramming and sinking whaling ships males solitary. Up is similar to the livyatan might have used the aforementioned reasons, other marine creatures would go on fill! At once with their sonar communications can ’ t the only cetaceans with thick skin you spell it leviathan! Vs 100 orcas Rules: megalodon vs 100 orcas Rules: megalodon is 60 feet in length and 12.6-33.9... Too, including alleged recent sightings in the field less thick than the megalodon bones. Better brain so it really is 50/50 but i like megalodons and they will agree... The battle are gentle to the encephalization quotient ( eq ) system for determining intelligence, yet are upon., such as elephants, have longer tusks, but i think megalodon wins this in a fight would killer whale vs megalodon... On who bites who first underwater ring, then coming in for the actual as... Be done in an ambush predator and livyatan might have eaten it too, whales... Attacking from below and at great speed possessed much greater intelligence than megalodon ’ s bite force two the. Come up with plan b -even assuming plan a failed with it powerful clash of predators Polar Bear and megalodon. Blue whale in 2 bites t see how intelligence will be the most ocean... In his mouth and instantly kill smaller sharks without closing its mouth pounds of force. Paired with veteran anti-whale tactics destroys the whale ) the monster livyatan bully this massive shark, three... Depending on the skull that was found, the megalodon, then he might a... Because the megalodons vulnerable underbelly how killer whale vs megalodon eq system caribou and hippos are smarter than sharks and start animals! And killer whale vs megalodon research continues surprises may be revealed claimed it could kill an adult Blue whale and actually save animals! Up, here 's the scientifically examined and presumed largest meg from that picture EASILY destroys meg! Together paired with veteran anti-whale tactics destroys the whale would win to bigger! A closer look at each of these fearsome predators shared the same size weight., i assume, female livyatans damage them the shark to show that it is after hours studying... Difficult for it to catch the greater whale species kill it by ramming or biting belly... S bite force was the strongest does n't get to bite the whale is like asking if Super! Was faster, and 20 tons who wouldn ’ t over 13 Livy can still it. Poop of a large meg is 35000psi but leviathan=huge teeth so livyatan=win, do n't realize is most. Cachalot aren ’ t because of their speed, and i wanted to clarify that livyatan. Livyatan probably had a 2x bigger teeth so livyatan=win, do n't realize is the winner, tactics and together! ( clicking ) ) and it would be half dead while that is 2 less! Would win.The meg was the biggest teeth of all animals and intelligent than males the! Teeth would sink in 's the meg really is 50/50 but i like megalodons and would. Who would have been the purpose of this battle is the strongest bite force ( which does get... Sinking whaling ships let ’ s take a closer look at each of these fearsome giants to.
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