Free-range Produced Figatellu

Porcu Nustrale
Figatellu Corse

9,97 €

The free-range produced figatellu is a local specialty meat made with liver and fat from Corsican pork (porcu Nustrale). These pigs are born, raised and “prepared” on the Island of Beauty. Available from early December until mid-March, the figatellu is very popular for all deli lovers. Its typical taste full of flavour makes it an essential element of the Corsican aperitif. You can relish it according to your desires: sliced, fried in the pan, but we deeply recommend you to eat it grilled over a wood fire! You can accompany the figatellu with Corsican pulenta, eggs, brocciu but also in the preparation of your lentils. And for those who can be more patient, it is also possible to dry it until early summer to eat it raw.


Gross weight: 350gr


Serving suggestion