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Ronde Gourmande

23,55 €

1 red wine AOP Casanova Parallèle 50cl
1 Charles Antona chutney 110g (You can choose among the following: with onion, fig, red peppers and myrtle berries or citrus fruits)
2 Charles Antona patés 95g (You can choose among the following: pork with myrtle berries, wildboar with brandy, figatelli sausage with brandy, "Shepherd" with Brocciu cheese and mint, "Napoleon" with figs, "Maquis" with mushrooms, "Corsica" with chestnut, Corsican veal with olives, Duck with clementine and "Cap Corse", Duck Oriental way (no pork)).
1 Charles Antona jam 110g (You can choose among the following: fig and walnut, fig, chestnut cream, Clementine, peach-apricot honey, mixed fruits, quince-vanilla-cinnamon, citron, black cherry with thyme, arbutus jelly, myrtle jelly or frozen beer with chestnut)
2 Charles Antona jam 250g (You can choose among the following: wild blackberry, red fruits, chestnut cream, chestnut cream with chocolate, black cherry with thyme, citron, peach-apricot honey, fig and walnut, fig-pine nuts, whole fig, green tomato, clementine, fig, strawberry-clementine, 3 citron, myrtle jelly or arbutus jelly)
2 Charles Antona nougats 30g (You can choose among the following: with almonds, citron, clementine, chestnut or fig)
Mix of assorted candies



Gross weight: 3.525 Kg